Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Business of Art

I was just at a class today put on at the Calgary School of Art put on by Samantha daSilva all about the Business of Art. So not just making my art in my studio…but selling it too.

The class was overfull, with 11 women looking to take thier art to the next level and I was very impressed by the information provided by Samantha, and the level of success already acheived by the attendees. Of course each of us has our own way of doing things – one described her highly organized approach to experimentation, and another professed to not keeping track of the shows she’s been in and her desire to be more organized.

As well, we spoke briefly about each going away and doing our ‘homework’ from Samantha and perhaps getting together in a month to touch base and share again. To that end, I’ve included all the websites for those of us who have sites, and for all the other ladies – they can comment to ask me to email the list if I’ve missed them in my email (which will happen after I’m done with this blog update).

Class of February 26, 2011

As for the ladies not on this list, I have their email addresses and will forward everyone in the class this list, along with the email addresses of the ladies sans websites (but not for long, right? we’re all going to set up websites, right?)

So, as for everything I learned? Well, let’s just say I have a heck of a lot of work to do, so I’ll sign off and get on it.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Does life imitate art?

Last summer, I had the priviledge of cat/house-sitting in California and I fell in love. With a horse.  My husband doesn't like this horse, and my Mum humoured me with my facination.  But every chance I got, I took an apple to that horse and took his picture.

Then one day, while touring Calistoga, I found a painting and I've always wondered if it was the same horse the artist tried to capture.  What do you think?

And later that summer, my Mum took this photo of my Dad's dogs.  Below is a paiting from another artist in Calistoga.  I am so amused by these two photos and two paintings, I just had to share!