Sunday, January 22, 2012


Almost.  I'm almost done my stay in London.  I think I'm going to visit the British Museum and then maybe Waitrose one last time... or Burough Market one last time.  Monday and Tuesday and then Wednesday I'm flying towards home.  It's amazing how fast time moves.  And how quickly one adapts to ones surroundings.  I thought it would stay all cool and interesting in London for the entire time but this past week it's slowly just become where I am, and not some ancient spot... just the spot where I am right now.  Weird.  Unanticipated.  But telling.

It tells me that it doesn't really matter where I live, it's more what I do when I'm there.  Even a super cool place like London could be small if one chooses to live that way.  And although I am not enamoured with Calgary and all of her tempermental weather patterns, she's not that bad ... especially when my husband and my puppy are around to keep me company.

Monday, January 16, 2012

slipping away

I can feel the passage of time just slipping away.  Only 1 more week in London.  I wish I had more time, but then again I wish I had my husband with me. I think I would be having more fun with him here - mainly because things are so much better when I share them with him.  And I miss my dog.  I keep petting every dog I see and the small one (K) asked me yesterday "why do you pet every single dog you see?"  Well.  Because I miss my dog. 

I'd like to say I went somewhere wonderful today and did something wonderful as well, but in truth I had a headache and I spent most of the day doing laundry and making banana bread and feeling sorry for my damn headaches.  But then it went away, I picked up the small one from school, the bigger one came home, we all had dinner, and we all had showers, and we all ended the day on a good note - with a sleeping song featured in the Jungle Book and done oh so well by Holly Cole.

"trust in me, just in me, close your eyes, and trust in me.  you could sleep, safe and sound, knowing I am around.  slip into silent slumber, sail on a silver mist.  slowly but surely your senses will cease to resist.  trust in me, just in me, close your eyes.  and trust in me." 

slipping away

Friday, January 13, 2012


Finally I went to the Tate Modern.  I guess there are 4 Tate Museums...Tate Modern looks like something out of George Orwell's 1984, but no matter.  It was very cool.  I was also impressed at the number of students taking photos with their phones for their courses.  I missed out on an artist I wanted to see; his exhibit closed last Sunday, and I'm sad I missed it.  Gerhard Richter

But I did manage to see the entire rest of the place and by the time I made it to the shop I was toasted and only bought a pencil, a sharpener, and a post card.  And then I had to make the trek back to the flat, and I was famished so I stopped at Burough Market and picked up a couple things.  Then I had a well deserved nap on the couch.  And finally I downloaded the day's photos.

Tate Modern - looking up the smoke stack




pollack - I was surpised




Wednesday, January 11, 2012

sea of glass

I haven't really planned this London trip very well - the day to day activities at least.  So I typed into google 'things to do in London' and up popped and exhibit of Dale Chihuly' at the Halcyon Gallery.  Holy Moly!  So off I went to check it out.  I wrote down the directions to get there and headed out.  Off the tube at Bond Street and up at street level I realized I'd gone the wrong way (there were two exit choices) but at some point I see New Bond Street, which is the one I wanted - yay me!  I kept wandering down and found the gallery, which thankfully let me take photos (no flash). 

Each piece is multiple thousands of dollars, and to date I had only seen 2 of his works up close: Minnesota's Children's Museum and Calgary's Salt Lik restaurant.  I only took one glass blowing class (oh, maybe you didn't know - Dale Chihuly is the best glass artist in the world - see more here)... okay so I've only taken one glass blowing glass and I wasn't very good at it but it did open my eyes to the beauty of glass, not just for the look but the form as well.  I am usually left wondering "how did he do that?" when I see anything of his.  I still don't know.  The sculptures are incredibly massive, and delicate, and intricate.  Shipping them must be a total nightmare.  (yes, I always end up thinking of the practical side of things).

One of the installations was like a sea of glass, and make me think of 'Ship of Fools' by Robert Plant, so why don't you play that song while you check out the photos of the exhibit.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

not for the faint of heart

After 2 days in London nursing a bad headache, finally it gave up the ghost and I went out with Z & the boys the Borough Market.  It was so cool.  I think it was about the most massive market I've ever been too.  I sampled some sausage made with Red Deer meat (which is a little weird since I grew up in Red Deer Alberta!) 

We wandered around a bit and found this little photo-op.  Who knew hares and ducks were still sold like this?  I'm not too fussed about it, since my Dad is a hunter, but I can just imagine some vegan tourist taking issue. 

Anyway, we came back on the tube and stopped at Waitrose, which is an amazing grocery store.  It's tempting to buy so many things right at the beginning of my trip but that would be a big mistake - since I only have so much room in my suitcase and I think my sister has dibs on some of the space!

We had chicken wings (parsley, garlic & lemon - yum), and now Z is making a cake while the boys watch Toy Story 2.  A pretty good 3rd day in London.