Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Something always brings me back to you

I know this was a few seasons ago on SYTYCD (oh, for those not obsessed with the show that's So You Think You Can Dance) but this song, and in particular this dance, resonated with me.  For those of you who don't know the story behind this dance, it's about addiction.  In whatever context.  Not necessarily the ones you hear about most often (drugs & alcohol) but I think this applies to any addiction.  Personally, I have an issue with refined carbs (sugar & flour in particular).  If I go a day without them, it's really all I think about - when I can next get my 'hit' so to speak.  I plan outings around them, I plan trips around them, and I go into debt for them.  Stupid, I know. 

When you listen to the song, and watch these fabulous dancers, you'll see just how apt this song is in referencing addiction.  Kupono is the Evil Addiction, and Kayla is the Helpless Addict.  The part that gets me the most is near the end, when she is falling and he holds her gently and caresses her head like a loved one would - it's such a tender moment - and the proceeds to strangle her.  I'd say 'enjoy' but this time, I think it's more about sitting in the experience, however uncomfortable it may be to watch.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_48OKZqYzHM&feature=related

Thursday, December 1, 2011

all us older children

Welcome to another fiscal year of Kennedy Ink!  All this really means is I now have a lot of paperwork to compile, and when confronted with a lot of work all I want to do is sleep.  So here's a lullaby.  Probably not the most effective way for me to gear up to do some work, but maybe I'll get a cup of tea before I attack the pile of paper... and maybe sit down ... in front of the fire .... with a book.  Ah, that's so much better.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy accountant

Year End approaching! If anyone is interested in some art, and would like a discount on the price - let me know! If purchased before Nov 30th, I'll give you 10% off. Let's make my accountant a happy man, shall we?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Big Jet Plane

The path to this next song was a little round-a-bout, but got there I did.  Turns out, she's a fellow Albertan.

The video was made by Nanalew, who did an awesome video cover of Sail with her friend MeekaKitty.  She used Big Jet Plane (cover) by Daniela Andrade.  The video itself was made with a Canon 60D and makes me kinda wish I was up in a plane today, going somewhere nice & warm with big fluffy clouds.



I still believe in summer days...

For the first snow fall I've seen stick to the ground this year, I found this lovely song.

Winter Song - Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson

bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
bum bum bum bum bum bum
bum bum bum bum bum bum

This is my winter song to you.
The storm is coming soon,
it rolls in from the sea

My voice; a beacon in the night.
My words will be your light,
to carry you to me.

Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love

They say that things just cannot grow
beneath the winter snow,
or so I have been told.

They say were buried far,
just like a distant star
I simply cannot hold.

Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?

This is my winter song.
December never felt so wrong,
cause youre not where you belong;
inside my arms.

bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
bum bum bum bum bum bum
bum bum bum bum bum bum

I still believe in summer days.
The seasons always change
and life will find a way.

Ill be your harvester of light
and send it out tonight
so we can start again.

Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?

This is my winter song.
December never felt so wrong,
cause youre not where you belong;
inside my arms.

This is my winter song to you.
The storm is coming soon
it rolls in from the sea.

My love a beacon in the night.
My words will be your light
to carry you to me.

Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?
Is love alive?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

why I do what I do

I went out this morning in -18degrees celsius weather... at 8:30 ... in the morning.  On a Sunday.  And why oh why did I do this?  A friend/client wanted photos of her family and that was the time that worked, with snow in the background.  And so up I got and out I went... to the wrong location.  Phone friend.  Rush to proper location.  Pop out into the cold again.  Place them just so on a small hill.  Click off a few dozen photos.  Change position a bit.  Take a few more photos.  Realize the 3 year old is going to freeze shortly and decide we're done being outside.  Really done.

So then I come home and check out the few photos we did get.  Hmmm.... She let me know which one she liked the most.  I picked the one I liked the most, and then one showcasing her boy.  Fiddle around in Photoshop Elements, pulling from textures and frames and wordart I've amassed over the past 5 years, and apply a lot from what I've learned from a few classes regarding digital scrapbooking. 

And then, with trepidation (because I used so many layers and techniques and slightly grungy textures and I wasn't sure if she was into that) I emailed the samples off to my client.

And this email response, this is why I do what I do (which, like voodoo, I do so well - sorry, old song reference.)
Hi Michelle,

So I actually got tears in my eyes when I saw these, I really love them!  I love the snow flakes and the border! I really did get emotional when I saw the picture of just my little K. and the let it snow, so beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Thank you!! Sooo much!!!!!!

J.& K.& K.

And then a little later....
I'm still smiling!!!

So if I ever wonder why I'm doing what I'm doing, remind me about this please.  Thanks.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We pulled too many false alarms

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer.  I've listened to this so many times.  Actually, there have been days where this was all I listened to.  And this You Tube video combines the fabulous song with a fabulous dance routine by Wade Robson.  The first bit that grabs you is the guitar, and then the lyrics just pull you in further and before you know it, you're hitting the replay button.



Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm sorry Miss Jackson

Not only do I love Justin Timberlake's music (okay, well, not all of it, but most of it) ... he is also one crazy funny guy.  Here he is with the History of Rap 3 on Jimmy Fallon.  http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/blogs/2011/11/history-of-rap-3/#.TsFcZKFgKNM.facebook


Thursday, November 10, 2011

I can be the hoax

I'm not sure how I found this lovely girl & her beatboxing & her singing, but find her I did.  And after watching all the songs she did on The Sing Off, and other covers - I found this cover of Brett Dennan's I ain't gonna lose you and even though her voice breaks towards the end when changing notes, it is by far the better song.  Her emotion is so vivid and palpable - my heart breaks every time I watch her.

Ladies and Gents, I give you to Courtney Jensen. Enjoy.


Blame it on my ADD, baby


I simply can NOT get enough of this song.  A friend suggested I start listing music on my blog.  Not only because I'm obsessed with music, but also because then she could get a little more 'up' on songs (and maybe, in the process, impress her kids).

I found the song because someone posted the video of the basejumper (is that what you call it?) and the crazy dude http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWfph3iNC-k&feature=related used this song.  And now I've listened to it multiple times a day, over and over again, for the past 2 weeks.  And in the process I found this absolutely fabulous video as well.  Same song, but a totally different feel.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=JaAWdljhD5o

See?  Now you've listened to it 3 times, and I bet you want to listen to it again, right?

Love the song.  Love. It.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Surfacing 4 set up crew

Finished setting up the Surfacing 4 Exhibition of Emerging Abstract Artists today.  The opening is Thursday November 3rd at 6pm - 8pm at Art Loop Gallery in Art Central.  Looking forward to it, but I guess I still have work to do.  A couple of my paintings I had left with the edges not painted.  I'm to paint them.  So sayeth Diane.

By the way: can you tell who's holding the camera?  Yeah, it's me.  The one with the bright & shiney face.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

let down

I don't like to get my hopes up most times because of the let down that can happen.  But I did, and now I'm in the 'let down' phase.  It's tough to do what we want to do with the real estate market being the way it is.  I guess if I'd like to lose money I could still do what I'd like, but it would be a step back and I don't think we can do that right now.

On a happy note, I'm back in the studio with my puppy wrapped up in a big pink blanket with me, I have a stash of Curly Wurlys, and a good book.  Poo poo with crappy real estate - I vote for escape-ism!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Kim Klassen's Textures - word & thursday
photo - U2's Bono, Edmonton June 1, 2011

Gratitude - not only am I grateful for music, I'm grateful Bono didn't permanently injure himself with the back injury that cancelled last year's show.  And I'm grateful my husband didn't ask how much I paid for the tickets.  And I'm grateful he decided to check out what the special line up was... it was for entrance to the inner ring at the concert.  So yes, I had to stand for 6 hours on concret, and yes, I got a lot of beer spilled on me, and yes, I really had to pee and couldn't actually leave my 'spot' for fear of it being taken......but I was there.  I sang & danced with the teenagers in front of me.  I was beside the man who caught one of those white roses for his wife.  I got this shot of Bono, with a little point & shoot. 

And yes, we were that close.  It. Was. Awesome.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

fabric rainbow

How inspiring!  I wish I had the gumption to do this (but for my paper, as I don't have a fabric rainbow like Jamaica does).  http://www.jamaicamakes.com/jamaica/2011/09/the-great-fabric-transition.html

Actually, if I could actually concentrate on one thing at a time, it would maybe get organized properly and stay that way.  I think maybe I need a week where I lock myself in my studio and don't do anything else. 

Winter is coming.  Perhaps then?  Anyone want to come & help?

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I love cows.  I love their lowing, their plodding, their slow way of moving, their great bulk.  So this challenge from Kim Klassen was just fabulous since she supplied the image!  I've never taken a great picture of a cow - they're generally not in the city, and if I'm in the country I'm usually just passing through.  But maybe next time, I'll stop and take a few shots, just to see if I can get them to look at me.  (And please cows, no pooping while I'm taking the picture.)

I used Kim's texture 'ladder' and then took a painting of mine (well, the first run at it) and layered it over the entire thing, with a strong blue hue adjustment.  And then I need a quote, of course!  The rebel cow - no enclosures will hold her back from her dreams!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

love - texture tuesdays

I used Kim Klassen's 'Fall In' texture with an overlay, which warmed up the photo and added some grunge to the edges. 

I love this photo because.... that's my nephew and I just showed up at his Spanish immersion school to read a story to his class and he hung off me the entire time I read the book ("Bashful Bob and Doleful Dorinda" by Margaret Atwood - yes she has some children's books!).  He's such a sweetheart and is all about getting hugs (no kisses, Auntie Shell, you have girl germs) and holding hands and giving me a whole bunch of love.  Which, of course, I return in spades.  And I'm so excited because I get to go and visit the whole family next week!  Maybe I can get a picture like this of my niece and I too!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Years ago, while wandering through Inglewood, I stopped in to Cherry Four (http://www.cherryfour.com/) and saw some paintings on the wall.  I thought "Hey, I can do that!" and promptly started painting, but painting small (like 2" x 2") and gradually went up to 12" x 12" and then 24" x 24" (yes, I like squares).  But I never went in to Cherry Four to talk to the owner about maybe selling my art.  And then one day, I went to Inglewood to do just that.  And guess what?  The store had moved to Kensington.  (sigh)  And the extra energy to go to Kensington just didn't transpire.  But I have thought about it.  Quite a bit.

Fast forward to today - 1st class of Level 2 Abstract Acrylics with Samantha daSilva.  Everyone is introducing themselves.  I'm last in line, and I relay the story above.  Fev, a fellow student, pipes up "That's my store!!"  "Really??!!" says me "Well I think you should sell my paintings!"  How funny is that.  But here's the issues - she's in the painting class with me, so I doubt she'll put my paintings on her walls before she puts up her own.  So, even though I've met and stated my main objective to the owner of the first place I ever thought of selling my paintings, I think I still have to go and look elsewhere.  I wonder when I'll get the nerve up to do that?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

soar confidently

Okay okay, so I've been away from the blog for quite some time.  I've popped in to share an image I took last year, and I think it applies to Kim Klassen's request for us to provide an image on the theme "do" and use her Autumn texture.  Here are a friend and her daughter, caught in extremely low light, hence all the shakiness and blur.  However, it illustrates beautifully how KA chases after M to capture photos on this lovely All Hallow's Eve, and even more so, what she wishes for her daughter, as the quote illustrates.  If you can't tell from the blur, M is a butterfly, and she's carrying her little trick or treat bag.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm famous

or maybe 'infamous' is a better word. 

I'm taking another painting class from Samantha daSilva and my neighbour and I were featured in a photo on her blog about the class, because we did something funny.  Check it out to see what I'm talking about.  http://www.samanthadasilva.com/4/post/2011/07/summer-series-day-two.html

Even though I've taken classes from Sam before, I still really feel like I'm learning a lot.  Not that I don't get stuck and think "oh this is just crap" but because it's a 5 day course, I just keep on truckin', knowing these moments will pop up.  Maybe because I'm tired, maybe because of this damn cold, or maybe because what is on the canvas at the moment is actually crap.  But then I can always scrape it off or paint over it.  And I get these 16 other people to work with and feed off of their energy & experience.

It's a wonderful thing.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

forgetful me


forgetful me
quote from Ghandi, as seen on bemorewithless.com
 As I am trying to do more and more on my own, I have a tendancy to get pretty frustrated and I stop enjoying the process.

Take, for instance, my painting class.  I've quite enjoyed taking Samantha daSilva's class at the Calgary School of Art.  And I've quite enjoyed playing around with canvases here in my studio.  But now comes the time to post the canvases on Etsy and get them ready for sale.


Maybe other people don't find this so hard, but with all the taking of photos and cropping the photos to the right size, and adding in the copyright declaration in the right spot, ... etc. etc. etc.  It gets to me after a while.

Now don't get me wrong!  I love working for myself and having the luxury of doing it all my own way.  I just lose sight of that from time to time.  And so I hopped on to Twitter this afternoon, and somehow or another found my way to http://www.bemorewithless.com/ and saw the lovely quote she had there.  And I knew I had to do something fun with it.  The font is LD Underwood 5, the birds are brushes 'Birds of a Feather', and the tickets and labels are from Fidget Resources.  The painting is, of course, my own - now digitally altered.

Feels good to do something creative as a break.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I've been working on getting all the paintings I've been working on covered with the varnish, signed, named... and then there's the pricing and the uploading to Etsy.  I'm getting there.  The 'process multiple images' in Photoshop kinda made the copyright a tad bit large, so I think I have to re-do that in short order.

Here is what I've discovered in the process - making the art is really fun.  All the other stuff is not as much fun.  It's satisfying to do all the varnishing, naming, taking the photos, posting on FaceBook and Etsy - but nothing is really as much fun as the painting itself.  Pouring the blue on this canvas, after I'd let a dark orange/red dry, and then adding the white - that was fun.  The way it all moved and formed little waves and peaks and valleys - that was fun.  The alcohol dripped onto the surface to burn through the water in the paint - that was fun.

Dang it!  Now all I want to do is go and paint some more instead of what I 'should' be doing.  (sigh)

Maybe tomorrow.

ah.  That's a better sized copyright note.

Friday, May 6, 2011

something borrowed

So nice to have a camera again!!!!!  My sister has loaned me her old Canon until I can gather up enough cash to get the 60D.  That will be a while.

Caught my sister's kids in action on Easter Sunday (What, you don't associate water guns and Easter?  What's wrong with you?)

My visit down to MN was a little less than fabulous - my sister got thrush and I got a hell of a cold.  So not much got accomplished.  Although we did watch a bit of the Royal Wedding, and I managed to get to Blick Art Supply.  I could drop a lot of cash there if I lived in the area.  Alas, I'm back in the Land of Snow.  Although it seems to be warming up enough to actually rain, which would be great if just a great big downpour happened to clean everything up.

On the art side of things, next week is the last class in Level 1 Abstract Acrylics with Samantha daSilva, which will be kinda sad, but I've signed up for 4 days of her class in Red Deer in July - should be great!
I have a lot to learn, and have a great time trying all the techniques out.  This one is (I think) 24 x 36.  The tough part is naming them after I'm done.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

sans camera

Did I mention my camera is toast?  Well, it is.  And it's really hard to capture some things without a camera.  Like the sunset we just saw.  And the paintings I'm in the middle of.  And my wacky dog and her funny antics.  Can't wait until I get the hand-me-down camera from my sister.  Then maybe things can get back to normal! 

Well, as normal as they get around here.

Monday, April 4, 2011

sprint towards spring

I've a few cards on Etsy that expire on April 7th.  I could reinstate them, I guess.  But I'm also thinking about the upcoming season of Craft Fairs.  Which is hard to do, with the mountains of snow we still have on the ground. 

But I'm thinking about them nonetheless.  I think one Craft Fair per month should be enough to get everything back into the swing of Craft Fairs.  I only did one last year and it was pretty successful.  I wish I had more energy or courage or hutzpah (did I spell that right?) to do more and really get out there, but my inner critic pops up and I end the year doing less than I had wanted.

On a positive note, I have found a great way to frame my smaller pieces and I think that will help sell them - they're so tiny they're easy to miss, so the new framing should make them appear a lot larger, but still small enough for work cubicles.  I envision these little canvases finding homes in the places I used to work - also known as Cubicle Land.  A nice way to brighten up the boring beige and grey of most cubicles.

Oh, and did I tell you?  My camera died.  Apparently the main processor just went kaput!  It's going to be tough to take photos of the upcoming spring buds without a camera, so I'm busily researching my options.  Any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

for Martinique

Weddings are such fun, aren't they? Well, if you're not the one getting all immersed in the details, that is. I love telling brides-to-be about some things to keep in mind. Like getting everyone's camera's sync'd to the same time (seriously, this saves so much time after the fact). And having a laptop for everyone to download their photos to, so the couple has all the photos by the end of the evening (well, not the photographer's but everyone elses').

At the dentist's office today, longtime dental-friend (yes, dentist offices can have nice people there - they're not all masocists) Martinique told me about her upcoming wedding. How much fun! They're going to Vegas, baby. It'll be blast, I'm sure. Anyhoo, that's why I've posted Harrison & Sunny's Wedding Album so she can see what a fabulous showcase a digital album can be.

Here's a little teaser... just in case you don't go to the link above.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My name is Michelle

Hi!  My name is Michelle, and I'm a magazine addict.

I have issues with magazines.  I love them.  I hate the environmental impact, but I love the feel and the look of the ones I'm obsessed with and even though there has been a kibosh on buying magazines in my house for the past two months, I've broken down and bought 8 in the past three days.

Cloth, Paper, Scissors
Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studio Edition
Somerset Digital Studio
Art Journalling by Somerset Studio
Somerset Studio - the Art of Paper and Mixed Media - 2 volumes
Artists' Cafe - best of Somerset Studio Art & Design
Artful Blogging- visually inspiring online journals by, who else? Somerset Studios

The fun part about all this, well besides the fact I get to read all these magazines and absorb all the fabulous information, is ... I also get to try out a lot of the techniques!  I learn about so much in every issue.  I want to run away to a little cottage and shut myself away and just do every single thing talked about in each magazine.

A tad impractical, so that is why I've decided this most likely borders on an actual issue, instead of just being funny.  But it's an issue I'd rather not resolve, truth be told.  I love my magazines.  And after a few months of not buying any (I have enough to tide me over I think) I'll most likely go on another spree.  And oh what fun that will be!

Friday, March 4, 2011

for real

For a while now, I've been making art and making small attempts at selling it.  I've created an Etsy site, I've gone to multiple craft fairs, and I've actually managed to have some commissions come my way.

And there I sit.

I attended an opening of a gallery show last night.  It was at Art Central, and it was one of the First Thursdays the collective hosts.  Samantha daSilva's students who have gone through Level 2 of her classes sum up their experience with a show.  This was one of them.

What I saw, not just at the show of the students but all throughout Art Central, was an incredible variety of what people consider to be art.  There were canvases I really liked, and canvases I really disliked, and others I was more intrigued with how the artists did them rather than the actual end product.

But what I took away from the event was the fact that I already do a lot of the same techniques.  I already produce a certain type of painting.  I already have pieces worth selling, worth collecting, worth putting in a show.  I had, until yesterday, always considered myself a bit of a hack since I lack professional training at a place like ACAD.  And truly, there are things some painters did that I simply can not do - like figure drawing or realistic paintings.  But abstract?  Multi-media?  I think I've got a grasp on those. 

I'm not saying I'm done learning - by no means!  I've just signed up for a Level 1 session of classes for abstract.  And I may look at a drawing class or something more outside my comfort zone. 

But what I am saying is... I don't need to feel 'less than' other artists because of my lack of shows or lack of training.  I'm starting out, so that's to be expected.  I just need to put more work into the business side of art and I think I'll get a good boost of confidence by getting out there and being more involved in my path's trajectory.  And who knows?  Maybe shortly I can post about a show I'm putting on!  :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Business of Art

I was just at a class today put on at the Calgary School of Art put on by Samantha daSilva all about the Business of Art. So not just making my art in my studio…but selling it too.

The class was overfull, with 11 women looking to take thier art to the next level and I was very impressed by the information provided by Samantha, and the level of success already acheived by the attendees. Of course each of us has our own way of doing things – one described her highly organized approach to experimentation, and another professed to not keeping track of the shows she’s been in and her desire to be more organized.

As well, we spoke briefly about each going away and doing our ‘homework’ from Samantha and perhaps getting together in a month to touch base and share again. To that end, I’ve included all the websites for those of us who have sites, and for all the other ladies – they can comment to ask me to email the list if I’ve missed them in my email (which will happen after I’m done with this blog update).

Class of February 26, 2011


As for the ladies not on this list, I have their email addresses and will forward everyone in the class this list, along with the email addresses of the ladies sans websites (but not for long, right? we’re all going to set up websites, right?)

So, as for everything I learned? Well, let’s just say I have a heck of a lot of work to do, so I’ll sign off and get on it.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Does life imitate art?

Last summer, I had the priviledge of cat/house-sitting in California and I fell in love. With a horse.  My husband doesn't like this horse, and my Mum humoured me with my facination.  But every chance I got, I took an apple to that horse and took his picture.

Then one day, while touring Calistoga, I found a painting and I've always wondered if it was the same horse the artist tried to capture.  What do you think?

And later that summer, my Mum took this photo of my Dad's dogs.  Below is a paiting from another artist in Calistoga.  I am so amused by these two photos and two paintings, I just had to share!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


As per this blog post I recently read I was reminded to think of things I'm thankful for.  Alrighty then.  I think it can all be encompassed into one overall thing I'm thankful for - my ability to create.  If I weren't in the position in life that I'm in, I wouldn't create what I do, and how I do.  If I weren't with my husband, I wouldn't be able to pursue creativity as a career.  If I didn't have my family & friends as support, I wouldn't trust that I could create as a career.  And if I didn't have my little dog, my heartbeat at my feet, I wouldn't be in the mood to create anything uplifting.  So that's what I'm thankful for.  oh, and Thanks for asking!

so, this begs the question... what are you thankful for?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

~Marianne Williamson

(posted with the understanding that the word 'God' to me doesn't mean the same as what the word 'God' may mean to other people.  Feel free to take it to stand for Good Orderly Direction, as I do.)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

14 going on 65

Mum at 14
 The characters of the story - Mum, Andrea (my sister), and me. Aren't we a stylin' bunch?
Andrea at 14
me at 14

 Here's Mum & me in California this past summer.
me & Mum, last summer

And here's Andrea & Mum at Pigeon Lake in 2009.
Mum & Andrea, summer 2009

I'm not sure what fun antics we're going to get up to, but Mum has requested we all be in Montreal for her 65th birthday this June.  There will be dining, and shopping, and eating, and sightseeing, and dining again (I think you may see a trend here).  I'm certain we'll hit a couple art galleries, and hopefully a garden or two.  Because I'll have my handy camera with me and will take a zillion photos!  Maybe one or two of them will be nice enough to show everyone.  :)

Can't wait for June!