Monday, November 29, 2010

'tis the season

Best Shot Monday question - how do I keep my wits about me during the holidays?  Hmm... well, I focus on others.  Like my friend's guinea pigs.  The best photo shoot companions ever!  They sit still, and love the click of the camera.  I plopped them on the dining room table, with the fibre optics Christmas tree as a backdrop, and poof!  instant Christmas photo.

I plan out my December to make sure I can fit in as many relaxing evenings with friends as possible. I'm not always hosting, and they're not always hosting. A dinner for four, or an evening with 30 - it's all good just as long as it's easy and fun. I don't do a tree because I don't find it easy or fun. I have a couple evergreens on our property, so I'm good with just leaving them be. Santa Baby can slip the sable directly into my hall closet instead of under the tree. :)

The other things I do are: shop during the rest of the year and wrap & mail before December hits.  I have little patience for malls to begin with, and a mall filled with impatient people doesn't exactly fill me with the Holiday Glow.  I also have to wrap for extended family so I get it done earlier so I don't start grumbling about it all.  As well, I have a lot of clients wanting cards made and photos altered, so I want to leave time open for them too!  As for being outside in the wonderous snow, I prefer watching someone else shovel my walkway, and preparing some hot chocolate for him (my Charlie Brown, my husband).  I snuggle with my puppy, and sit by a fire (we're lucky enough to have a real wood-burning fireplace!)  The more I can stay off the slippy ice & snow the better.  Hey, we can't all be Snow Bunnies!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Surfin' the Net, finding textural gold!

Kim Klassen Cafe

So I’ve stumbled upon a fellow Canadian, and a prairie girl to boot, who does amazing things with Textures in Photoshop. I must admit, I have not been at the computer forever, due to all the crap that 2010 has been, and my focus is totally off – I’m running every way but loose. However, all that being said, I think I will concentrate on Kim Klassen and her Cafe in the coming months. These Textures and what they can do for the average photo are just too cool to not play with!

Thought you should know about them too. 

So I played around with a photo I took of Ji-Sun at her wedding to my brother-in-law, Harrison. 
Who could get a more perfect model?  She's just stunning.

Then I took out the 'unwanted' elements in the background.

Then I added two of Kim's Textures, and played with the levels and saturation.

 Then I added a subtle border to the edge. 
Love it!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November already!??

Where the heck did September and October go?  One minute I was dealing with bronchitis and the next I was in MN to visit my sister (above) and her family & friends.  This shot was taken on the last day there after visiting JKL Gifts (KA's new pop-up store) at Snuffy's.  We had bacon cheddar cheese burgers and chili cheese fries and a malt.  It was great!  But more importantly, the trip was great.  I was able to spend another Hallowe'en with Andrea's kids, connect with friends and spend some good one-on-one time with Andrea as well.  And talk about a busy household!  There wasn't more than 20 minutes in the whole 10 days where we inserted a little down-time.  Only to be interrupted by laundry.  I really do wish I lived closer so I could spend more time with all of them!

As for the studio, not much is happening right now in the creative department.  Just back from one trip and on to the next!  I'm hoping to have more Craft Fairs to attend (the last one was a success - yay me!) before the snow and cold makes me refuse to leave the house.