Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date

Too late is advice when the mischief is done. ~ French Proverb

Remember when I was so gung-ho about Jessica Sprague's course? And how we all thought I was going to get to it at midnight when she posted the links? Yeah, well. Life got in the way and I kinda put it to the back burner. And then I got a call from Dubai. Karla was concerned that I may be sick or dead in a ditch somewhere because I hadn't posted anything to the gallery on Jessica Sprague's site. Talk about being relied upon to be predictable! :) Very sweet to have her worry on my behalf, but I'm alive and kickin' and now I'm done all the challenges, too!
I guess I will be more consistent in my attendance to class now that I know I'm expected to be posting daily. I've already learned some cool stuff - like the tinting on the train above. Looking forward to tomorrow's class. With bells on.

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