Saturday, June 5, 2010


I'm not sure.  Should I find it hilarious or sad - the most comments I get on my collective blogs are from spammers?  "Thank you for publishing this it was used as a source for a paper I am currently writing for my finals."  "I've been around for a while and just wanted to let you know what a great blog you have." "Just wanted to say what a great blog you have here."   All with a person's name and then a link to some site selling Gucci or something else.

I guess I'll opt to find it hilarious.  I'm not sure how or why spammers got a foothold and have been able to maintain and prosper.  Maybe because most of the spam I see is fear-based and nothing gets people to act faster than fear.  Or maybe because they send out feelers for the naive and then hook them in (I guess this is why it's called 'phishing'.  I, for one, don't give them the time of day.  Delete Delete Delete.  I can spot them a mile away and avoid them. 

I also don't forward emails with other people's addresses still attached - this is a great way for a spammer to get all sorts of email addresses to send to.  I'd like to tell my nephew to forward properly, but I'm not so sure his dad would be so receptive to my fussing.  As well, I have an email address that is disposable so I can delete it and start fresh if the spammers get ahold of it and it starts to be an issue.  Poof! it can disappear and a new one in its place, with my secure email address in the background quietly receiving forwards.

But one is always going to come across the aggressive sales person and their minions.  A polite hand up and "I'm sorry, I'm not here to talk to you." type attitude can dissuade a few.  And, unfortunately, a less polite action can stave off the others.  Where did respect and common courtesy ever go?

Ah well, enough of my spammers rant.  I'm supposed to find it hilarious, right?  Well here's something I truly do find hilarious - my dog.  She's camera shy and doesn't like to look at me when I have the camera in her face.  Ah, where did respect and common courtesy ever go in dealing with taking photos of my pet?  (insert evil laughter here)

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