Thursday, September 22, 2011


Years ago, while wandering through Inglewood, I stopped in to Cherry Four ( and saw some paintings on the wall.  I thought "Hey, I can do that!" and promptly started painting, but painting small (like 2" x 2") and gradually went up to 12" x 12" and then 24" x 24" (yes, I like squares).  But I never went in to Cherry Four to talk to the owner about maybe selling my art.  And then one day, I went to Inglewood to do just that.  And guess what?  The store had moved to Kensington.  (sigh)  And the extra energy to go to Kensington just didn't transpire.  But I have thought about it.  Quite a bit.

Fast forward to today - 1st class of Level 2 Abstract Acrylics with Samantha daSilva.  Everyone is introducing themselves.  I'm last in line, and I relay the story above.  Fev, a fellow student, pipes up "That's my store!!"  "Really??!!" says me "Well I think you should sell my paintings!"  How funny is that.  But here's the issues - she's in the painting class with me, so I doubt she'll put my paintings on her walls before she puts up her own.  So, even though I've met and stated my main objective to the owner of the first place I ever thought of selling my paintings, I think I still have to go and look elsewhere.  I wonder when I'll get the nerve up to do that?

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