Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Kim Klassen's Textures - word & thursday
photo - U2's Bono, Edmonton June 1, 2011

Gratitude - not only am I grateful for music, I'm grateful Bono didn't permanently injure himself with the back injury that cancelled last year's show.  And I'm grateful my husband didn't ask how much I paid for the tickets.  And I'm grateful he decided to check out what the special line up was... it was for entrance to the inner ring at the concert.  So yes, I had to stand for 6 hours on concret, and yes, I got a lot of beer spilled on me, and yes, I really had to pee and couldn't actually leave my 'spot' for fear of it being taken......but I was there.  I sang & danced with the teenagers in front of me.  I was beside the man who caught one of those white roses for his wife.  I got this shot of Bono, with a little point & shoot. 

And yes, we were that close.  It. Was. Awesome.


  1. Very nice! I love the deepness of the blue and the mysteriousness of the man. The words are a nice compliment.

  2. sooo funny! I laughed out loud at the "husband didn't ask" part!!! a perfect image and commentary!

  3. Wow, love U2, LOVE BONO, love this photo!