Sunday, November 20, 2011

why I do what I do

I went out this morning in -18degrees celsius weather... at 8:30 ... in the morning.  On a Sunday.  And why oh why did I do this?  A friend/client wanted photos of her family and that was the time that worked, with snow in the background.  And so up I got and out I went... to the wrong location.  Phone friend.  Rush to proper location.  Pop out into the cold again.  Place them just so on a small hill.  Click off a few dozen photos.  Change position a bit.  Take a few more photos.  Realize the 3 year old is going to freeze shortly and decide we're done being outside.  Really done.

So then I come home and check out the few photos we did get.  Hmmm.... She let me know which one she liked the most.  I picked the one I liked the most, and then one showcasing her boy.  Fiddle around in Photoshop Elements, pulling from textures and frames and wordart I've amassed over the past 5 years, and apply a lot from what I've learned from a few classes regarding digital scrapbooking. 

And then, with trepidation (because I used so many layers and techniques and slightly grungy textures and I wasn't sure if she was into that) I emailed the samples off to my client.

And this email response, this is why I do what I do (which, like voodoo, I do so well - sorry, old song reference.)
Hi Michelle,

So I actually got tears in my eyes when I saw these, I really love them!  I love the snow flakes and the border! I really did get emotional when I saw the picture of just my little K. and the let it snow, so beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Thank you!! Sooo much!!!!!!

J.& K.& K.

And then a little later....
I'm still smiling!!!

So if I ever wonder why I'm doing what I'm doing, remind me about this please.  Thanks.

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