Thursday, March 8, 2012

turning 40

I turned 40.  And I had a fabulous time doing it.  And pretty much I've had a fabulous day every day since turning 40.  My 30s had quite a bit of suckiness throughout - I guess every decade does.  But I figure I've had a bit more than my fair share of suckiness.  So my 40s are going to be nothing like my 30s, dammit.

I started off the celebration by having a one woman show (that would be me) at Art Loop at Art Central in Calgary.  It was pretty tough curating my own show, all on my own, but well worth it.  I called the show 40@40 so I had to limit my paintings to only 40 - which was tough.  Given the space constraints, it would have been easier to go with all smaller canvases and pack the walls with them, but I think the limit of just 40 pieces kept the walls nice and clean.

A few days after the show, my friends and I went to Death by Chocolate at the Palliser.  It was a blast.  I think I stayed awake all night due to the amount of chocolate I consumed.  I also received not one but two Coach purses, and not one but two dozen roses, along with another two deliveries of flowers.  My house smells like a greenhouse and I love it!

So here are the 40 paintings, along with the other photos I took on opening night of my show.  Hopefully the podcast a cute couple recorded goes live at some point, and I'll get even more coverage.  Yup, so far the 40s have been fabulous!

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