Monday, July 26, 2010

best shot Monday - obsession

My current obsession is this horse.  He's by the side of Bennett Valley Road on the way to Santa Rosa California. And I think he's just beautiful.  Mum and Scott aren't as convinced.  But we've now stopped twice to photograph him.  And I believe we're going to stop one last time in the next couple days.  :)


  1. OMG - yes! What an amazing fellow (gal?) I love how his spots echo the spots of yellow flowers in the field, as if he were trying to be camouflaged ... but he is WAY to handsome not to notice.

    Looks like he is curious with you? Next time some apples or carrots?

    lovely image ♥

    xo Lis (coming over from BSM)

  2. I have gone back twice now with apples. Got some more photos - actually a lot more! Like I said - it's a bit of an obsession while I'm down here in Sonoma County. Thanks for looking!