Monday, August 9, 2010


As per Best Shot Monday, she has requested that we look at the growth that has taken place in our lives lately.  The only growth I have is my ever expanding butt.  Most of everything else is contracting.  I've found, over the years, that I've put myself 'out there' and then promptly get put down.  So I've slowed down in my zealous attempt to be flayed continually.  Funny that.

And I know where it all stems from.

This is one of the very few photos I have where I know I'm pregnant when the photo was taken.  And this is one of the very few photos I have where I still think (at the time, in the photo) that life turns out the way you expect it to.  6 years, 5 miscarriages, and 80 pounds later, I know life definately does not turn out the way you expect it to.  And that sucks.  Hard. 

Hence the shrinking of my life, not the growth.  Sorry.  Not really playing along well this week.

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