Monday, November 29, 2010

'tis the season

Best Shot Monday question - how do I keep my wits about me during the holidays?  Hmm... well, I focus on others.  Like my friend's guinea pigs.  The best photo shoot companions ever!  They sit still, and love the click of the camera.  I plopped them on the dining room table, with the fibre optics Christmas tree as a backdrop, and poof!  instant Christmas photo.

I plan out my December to make sure I can fit in as many relaxing evenings with friends as possible. I'm not always hosting, and they're not always hosting. A dinner for four, or an evening with 30 - it's all good just as long as it's easy and fun. I don't do a tree because I don't find it easy or fun. I have a couple evergreens on our property, so I'm good with just leaving them be. Santa Baby can slip the sable directly into my hall closet instead of under the tree. :)

The other things I do are: shop during the rest of the year and wrap & mail before December hits.  I have little patience for malls to begin with, and a mall filled with impatient people doesn't exactly fill me with the Holiday Glow.  I also have to wrap for extended family so I get it done earlier so I don't start grumbling about it all.  As well, I have a lot of clients wanting cards made and photos altered, so I want to leave time open for them too!  As for being outside in the wonderous snow, I prefer watching someone else shovel my walkway, and preparing some hot chocolate for him (my Charlie Brown, my husband).  I snuggle with my puppy, and sit by a fire (we're lucky enough to have a real wood-burning fireplace!)  The more I can stay off the slippy ice & snow the better.  Hey, we can't all be Snow Bunnies!

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