Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ribbons & bows

I have a thing for old office stuff.  Like my old printer's cabinet.  And the dusty, musty old drawers (of which I still need about 7 or so).  I love it, and was fortunate enough to have a friend with a station wagon with me on the day this was marked down to $300.  Score!

The drawers, with all their little nooks and crannies, left something to be desired.  Like cleanliness.  I scrubbed and scoured and scraped off all the paper in each cubby, and repurposed it as my new holder for my ribbons.  This is only part way through my inventory of ribbon, but I'm so excited about this I had to share now! instead of later when it's full.

I love all my ribbons, but especially the teeny, tiny ones my sister sends up in little boxes.  All cute and matchy-matchy.  Not enough to do much, but just enough to make something special!

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