Thursday, January 6, 2011

14 going on 65

Mum at 14
 The characters of the story - Mum, Andrea (my sister), and me. Aren't we a stylin' bunch?
Andrea at 14
me at 14

 Here's Mum & me in California this past summer.
me & Mum, last summer

And here's Andrea & Mum at Pigeon Lake in 2009.
Mum & Andrea, summer 2009

I'm not sure what fun antics we're going to get up to, but Mum has requested we all be in Montreal for her 65th birthday this June.  There will be dining, and shopping, and eating, and sightseeing, and dining again (I think you may see a trend here).  I'm certain we'll hit a couple art galleries, and hopefully a garden or two.  Because I'll have my handy camera with me and will take a zillion photos!  Maybe one or two of them will be nice enough to show everyone.  :)

Can't wait for June! 

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