Friday, March 4, 2011

for real

For a while now, I've been making art and making small attempts at selling it.  I've created an Etsy site, I've gone to multiple craft fairs, and I've actually managed to have some commissions come my way.

And there I sit.

I attended an opening of a gallery show last night.  It was at Art Central, and it was one of the First Thursdays the collective hosts.  Samantha daSilva's students who have gone through Level 2 of her classes sum up their experience with a show.  This was one of them.

What I saw, not just at the show of the students but all throughout Art Central, was an incredible variety of what people consider to be art.  There were canvases I really liked, and canvases I really disliked, and others I was more intrigued with how the artists did them rather than the actual end product.

But what I took away from the event was the fact that I already do a lot of the same techniques.  I already produce a certain type of painting.  I already have pieces worth selling, worth collecting, worth putting in a show.  I had, until yesterday, always considered myself a bit of a hack since I lack professional training at a place like ACAD.  And truly, there are things some painters did that I simply can not do - like figure drawing or realistic paintings.  But abstract?  Multi-media?  I think I've got a grasp on those. 

I'm not saying I'm done learning - by no means!  I've just signed up for a Level 1 session of classes for abstract.  And I may look at a drawing class or something more outside my comfort zone. 

But what I am saying is... I don't need to feel 'less than' other artists because of my lack of shows or lack of training.  I'm starting out, so that's to be expected.  I just need to put more work into the business side of art and I think I'll get a good boost of confidence by getting out there and being more involved in my path's trajectory.  And who knows?  Maybe shortly I can post about a show I'm putting on!  :)

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  1. I understand how you feel completely...I had someone come by one of my shows where I present with several other artists. A fellow came by and made a point about us not being 'formally trained'.

    Well, some of the artists in the group are formally trained...and then I realized that although that is an asset, it does not make the artist.

    It is what that artist brings. I have some training, and some mentoring under very talented 'formally trained' what does that mean.

    I say you GO GIRL!