Thursday, March 10, 2011

My name is Michelle

Hi!  My name is Michelle, and I'm a magazine addict.

I have issues with magazines.  I love them.  I hate the environmental impact, but I love the feel and the look of the ones I'm obsessed with and even though there has been a kibosh on buying magazines in my house for the past two months, I've broken down and bought 8 in the past three days.

Cloth, Paper, Scissors
Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studio Edition
Somerset Digital Studio
Art Journalling by Somerset Studio
Somerset Studio - the Art of Paper and Mixed Media - 2 volumes
Artists' Cafe - best of Somerset Studio Art & Design
Artful Blogging- visually inspiring online journals by, who else? Somerset Studios

The fun part about all this, well besides the fact I get to read all these magazines and absorb all the fabulous information, is ... I also get to try out a lot of the techniques!  I learn about so much in every issue.  I want to run away to a little cottage and shut myself away and just do every single thing talked about in each magazine.

A tad impractical, so that is why I've decided this most likely borders on an actual issue, instead of just being funny.  But it's an issue I'd rather not resolve, truth be told.  I love my magazines.  And after a few months of not buying any (I have enough to tide me over I think) I'll most likely go on another spree.  And oh what fun that will be!

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