Saturday, May 21, 2011

I've been working on getting all the paintings I've been working on covered with the varnish, signed, named... and then there's the pricing and the uploading to Etsy.  I'm getting there.  The 'process multiple images' in Photoshop kinda made the copyright a tad bit large, so I think I have to re-do that in short order.

Here is what I've discovered in the process - making the art is really fun.  All the other stuff is not as much fun.  It's satisfying to do all the varnishing, naming, taking the photos, posting on FaceBook and Etsy - but nothing is really as much fun as the painting itself.  Pouring the blue on this canvas, after I'd let a dark orange/red dry, and then adding the white - that was fun.  The way it all moved and formed little waves and peaks and valleys - that was fun.  The alcohol dripped onto the surface to burn through the water in the paint - that was fun.

Dang it!  Now all I want to do is go and paint some more instead of what I 'should' be doing.  (sigh)

Maybe tomorrow.

ah.  That's a better sized copyright note.

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