Friday, May 6, 2011

something borrowed

So nice to have a camera again!!!!!  My sister has loaned me her old Canon until I can gather up enough cash to get the 60D.  That will be a while.

Caught my sister's kids in action on Easter Sunday (What, you don't associate water guns and Easter?  What's wrong with you?)

My visit down to MN was a little less than fabulous - my sister got thrush and I got a hell of a cold.  So not much got accomplished.  Although we did watch a bit of the Royal Wedding, and I managed to get to Blick Art Supply.  I could drop a lot of cash there if I lived in the area.  Alas, I'm back in the Land of Snow.  Although it seems to be warming up enough to actually rain, which would be great if just a great big downpour happened to clean everything up.

On the art side of things, next week is the last class in Level 1 Abstract Acrylics with Samantha daSilva, which will be kinda sad, but I've signed up for 4 days of her class in Red Deer in July - should be great!
I have a lot to learn, and have a great time trying all the techniques out.  This one is (I think) 24 x 36.  The tough part is naming them after I'm done.

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