Monday, February 16, 2009

please excuse the name

"When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear." Mark Twain

Last summer, I was about to do a neat little project with some squeezie paint bottles. I had my fish image ready, a transparency ready, and darn it all to hell - my paint wasn't squeezing out of the squeezie bottles! I didn't have time at that moment to reconsider my options with this thick paint, but I knew I wanted to smear it all over a large canvas.
Just recently, having had a troublesome house guest, I was quite angry and I grabbed the black paint, cut the whole bottle open and went wild with a palette knife on the largest canvas in the Studio. I waited a while for the back to dry a bit, and then stabbed the red bottle with my kitchen scissors and spread it out with reckless abandon. I was going to finish the job with the remaining colours that wouldn't squeeze out their bottle tips (lime green, pearl, white, and gold fleck) but when my husband saw the painting at this stage, he was impressed. And I looked at it and said "angry bitch" and considered it complete. And so, that's the name of the piece. I think it suits it really well. I've yet to apply the gel medium to protect and seal the painting, because I'm still waiting for it to dry completely (it's really thick paint!)
Even with the bold title, tinged with a little negativity, every time I look at it, it makes me smirk.

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