Sunday, February 8, 2009

votre cousin

"Out beyond the idea of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there."

Under the layers and layers on this painting is a bunch of pieces from a French lesson book - a part of which says "votre cousin" - it's to the left of the tree foliage, near the top. I think you can just barely see "votre" now. Anyway, before painting I had the idea I wanted to add a quote to it. And I painted it after a visit with my cousin - so it sorta fit together really well, since he is an introspective kinda guy - much like Rumi's quote. The green of the tree is done with alcohol inks on top of a pile of dried up gesso chunks and acrylic paint. I've added ripped up bits of the French lesson, some blue mulberry paper, a little vellum (onto which the quote is printed), and a lot of mod podge to seal everything together.
I had so much fun with this painting, I'm going to have a hard time selling it.


  1. wow - I LOOOOVE this painting. I knew you were crafty but this looks totally saleable... maybe you can be commercial too. haahahah

    Seriously, its beautiful. I love it. Maybe I give you a size canvas I need and you can do custom?? Love the colors you pick too.

  2. Andi
    I would love to do a custom piece. Maybe pull some paint samples you like, and we'll talk. You have my email.