Monday, January 16, 2012

slipping away

I can feel the passage of time just slipping away.  Only 1 more week in London.  I wish I had more time, but then again I wish I had my husband with me. I think I would be having more fun with him here - mainly because things are so much better when I share them with him.  And I miss my dog.  I keep petting every dog I see and the small one (K) asked me yesterday "why do you pet every single dog you see?"  Well.  Because I miss my dog. 

I'd like to say I went somewhere wonderful today and did something wonderful as well, but in truth I had a headache and I spent most of the day doing laundry and making banana bread and feeling sorry for my damn headaches.  But then it went away, I picked up the small one from school, the bigger one came home, we all had dinner, and we all had showers, and we all ended the day on a good note - with a sleeping song featured in the Jungle Book and done oh so well by Holly Cole.

"trust in me, just in me, close your eyes, and trust in me.  you could sleep, safe and sound, knowing I am around.  slip into silent slumber, sail on a silver mist.  slowly but surely your senses will cease to resist.  trust in me, just in me, close your eyes.  and trust in me." 

slipping away

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