Saturday, January 7, 2012

not for the faint of heart

After 2 days in London nursing a bad headache, finally it gave up the ghost and I went out with Z & the boys the Borough Market.  It was so cool.  I think it was about the most massive market I've ever been too.  I sampled some sausage made with Red Deer meat (which is a little weird since I grew up in Red Deer Alberta!) 

We wandered around a bit and found this little photo-op.  Who knew hares and ducks were still sold like this?  I'm not too fussed about it, since my Dad is a hunter, but I can just imagine some vegan tourist taking issue. 

Anyway, we came back on the tube and stopped at Waitrose, which is an amazing grocery store.  It's tempting to buy so many things right at the beginning of my trip but that would be a big mistake - since I only have so much room in my suitcase and I think my sister has dibs on some of the space!

We had chicken wings (parsley, garlic & lemon - yum), and now Z is making a cake while the boys watch Toy Story 2.  A pretty good 3rd day in London.

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