Wednesday, January 11, 2012

sea of glass

I haven't really planned this London trip very well - the day to day activities at least.  So I typed into google 'things to do in London' and up popped and exhibit of Dale Chihuly' at the Halcyon Gallery.  Holy Moly!  So off I went to check it out.  I wrote down the directions to get there and headed out.  Off the tube at Bond Street and up at street level I realized I'd gone the wrong way (there were two exit choices) but at some point I see New Bond Street, which is the one I wanted - yay me!  I kept wandering down and found the gallery, which thankfully let me take photos (no flash). 

Each piece is multiple thousands of dollars, and to date I had only seen 2 of his works up close: Minnesota's Children's Museum and Calgary's Salt Lik restaurant.  I only took one glass blowing class (oh, maybe you didn't know - Dale Chihuly is the best glass artist in the world - see more here)... okay so I've only taken one glass blowing glass and I wasn't very good at it but it did open my eyes to the beauty of glass, not just for the look but the form as well.  I am usually left wondering "how did he do that?" when I see anything of his.  I still don't know.  The sculptures are incredibly massive, and delicate, and intricate.  Shipping them must be a total nightmare.  (yes, I always end up thinking of the practical side of things).

One of the installations was like a sea of glass, and make me think of 'Ship of Fools' by Robert Plant, so why don't you play that song while you check out the photos of the exhibit.


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