Sunday, January 22, 2012


Almost.  I'm almost done my stay in London.  I think I'm going to visit the British Museum and then maybe Waitrose one last time... or Burough Market one last time.  Monday and Tuesday and then Wednesday I'm flying towards home.  It's amazing how fast time moves.  And how quickly one adapts to ones surroundings.  I thought it would stay all cool and interesting in London for the entire time but this past week it's slowly just become where I am, and not some ancient spot... just the spot where I am right now.  Weird.  Unanticipated.  But telling.

It tells me that it doesn't really matter where I live, it's more what I do when I'm there.  Even a super cool place like London could be small if one chooses to live that way.  And although I am not enamoured with Calgary and all of her tempermental weather patterns, she's not that bad ... especially when my husband and my puppy are around to keep me company.

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